90% of our specialty batteries come from Cameron Sino. They are based in Hong Kong and make high quality products. www.cameronsino.com
Cameron Sino provide batteries for cellular phones, cordless phones, power tools, digital cameras, GPS, laptops, tablets, and much more…
For rechargeable and lithium batteries we are also a major distributers or Tenergy products. www.tenergy.com
We are authorized dealers for Daymak electric bikes. All products available are shown on their website www.daymak.com
For household battery needs we are distributors for Energizer Canada. Best prices for Energizer Max and Industrial alkaline as well as Energizer Ultimate lithium! www.energizer.ca
For your automotive, marine, and deep cycle battery charging needs we are distributors of Battery Tender. Probably the most recognized charger on the market! www.batterytender.com
We also sell a full line of automotive, marine, deep cycle and commercial batteries. Our number one seller is manufactured by Global Battery. One of the only manufacturers that make a true maintenance free battery with a built in hydrometer! www.battery-global.com
For a premium AGM replacement we offer the Exide Edge. http://www.exide.com
We are authorized dealers for a full variety of solar panels and accessories with Carmanah. www.carmanah.com
We are Power-Sonic dealers for Motorcycle, power sports, and Sealed-Lead Acid batteries. www.power-sonic.com

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